Insinuated just looking for content, PSI invites M Taufik Gerindra Blusukan


Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) responded to criticism from the Gerindra Party about their criticism of only being content. For PSI, invite M Taufik, who criticized, blusukan.

“Mr. Taufik can come with us for a visit at any time, later he can join Bro Giring and I will also see the condition of the residents. Later, we can eat and drink coffee to see the lives of Jakarta residents who are a bit far from the magnificent City Hall,” said the Chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPW Michael Victor Sianipar, when contacted, Sunday (23/1/2022).

Michael Victor Sianipar and Rian Ernest Photo: Samsudiha Wildansyah/detikcom

Even so, Michael appreciates the statement from Gerindara. What PSI does is their way of doing politics.

“We respect the attitude of every political party. PSI’s position is clear from the start. We will continue to monitor the DKI Jakarta administration. PSI’s spirit in Jakarta is to promote dynamic surveillance politics,” he said.

Meanwhile, another PSI politician, Rian Ernest said that what PSI did was their way of communicating politics. Each party, he said, has its own way of political communication.

“Each party has its own way of political communication in accordance with what it wants to achieve. Criticism from the Gerindra party is the right of the Gerindra party,” said Rian when contacted separately.

However, Rian guarantees that what PSI conveys is the truth. PSI said it would not lie or manipulate data in the field.

“Every form of PSI political communication is based on data and facts, that is the basis of political communication. If it is legitimate, we will voice what we see, we learn, from Governor Anies’ performance in Jakarta we will speak out,” he said.

“All statements and criticisms from PSI are actually to ensure that tax money from Jakarta residents is used as well as possible, truly and precisely,” said Rian.

It is known that PSI made a mockery of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. Recently, Giring quipped about the sound system and invited residents to sing behind the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) project. Gerindra considers Giring’s satire to be just looking for content for social media.

“He’s just looking for content, why are people looking for content in the comments,” said Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Gerindra M Taufik when contacted, Sunday (23/1).

Taufik believes that Anies’ actions and words are always wrong in Giring’s eyes. Then, Taufik is not surprised if the former vocalist of the Nidji band often makes insinuations and comments that he considers baseless to Anies.

“Indeed, he should be in that position. Everything is commented on, even if it’s baseless,” said Taufik.

“Pak Anies just entered the toilet wrong, he will be attacked, if he wears sandals, he will be attacked,” he added.

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