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CELAYA, GTO. ON MAY 03, 2021.- The Municipal Treasury will launch for the second time, the call for the contracting of the insurance policy for Municipal Government vehicles.

After the 6 companies registered in the first call, failed to comply with any of the requested requirements.

The head of the area, Lourdes Herrera Rodríguez, pointed out that in the company’s selection process, the tender was declared void, so they will launch a second call.

“Expect the largest number of companies to participate because the fact that there is competition from suppliers benefits the Municipality, the more competition there is a better offer, a better price or a competitive offer for the Municipality.”

He indicated that the presentation of technical and economic proposals of the companies that have registered for the process, will be held on May 14 and May 21, the ruling will be given.

He highlighted that the contract is for a comprehensive coverage insurance policy for the 866 official vehicles of the centralized part of the administration and in which 5 million 776 thousand 686 pesos were exercised in 2020.


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