Infections: These are the corona strongholds in the lake district

The incidence continues to fall in the Seenplatte district – however, the intensive care capacities of the clinics will soon be more heavily used again.

lake district

The number of infections in the lake district is still on course for relaxation. The district administration reported 734 new corona cases in the past week, around a quarter fewer than in the previous week. The district-wide incidence fell below 300. “Strongholds” are still the Demmin area and the Malchow district, while only four new infections were found in the Feldberg lake district. The values ​​in the Woldegk, Friedland and Neverin areas have fallen significantly.

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District brakes hopes

However, the district administration is wary of overly optimistic interpretations and assumes “underreporting” because many people – especially those with a mild course of the disease – only test and isolate themselves with a rapid test. In contrast, only positive PCR tests would be included in the statistics.

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Few free beds in intensive care units

Yesterday, the Divi intensive care register reported two Covid patients in intensive care from the hospitals in the lake district. They make up around three percent of the total number of intensive care beds. However, with the return of the clinics to normal operations and the resumption of previously suspended treatments, there are signs of increasing utilization of the intensive care units. In the Bonhoeffer Clinic in Neubrandenburg, for example, all 24 intensive care beds were occupied yesterday – with postoperative or acute cases. Across the district, 58 of 66 intensive care beds were occupied – almost 88 percent.

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