News Industry keeps young President |

Industry keeps young President |


In the runoff against the Vorarlberg Martin without a mountain of Styrian entrepreneurs Georg Knill has set itself ultimately clear: He won with 94 votes to 40 votes and is the new President of the powerful industrial Association (IV).

Already in the first ballot of 47 years, the candidate became the youngest gives a distance: He United more than 60 members of the Federal Executive Board of behind. Wolfgang Eder, former long-year-voestalpine-CEO, came in the run-off election. He was defeated by 36 to 37 Kreuzerln the Vorarlberg IV-President without a mountain. This vote is a Muffler for the strong Colonel rich industry.

In the previous brief Presentation of the three candidates Knill have held a compelling speech, since it is of the participants. The Scion of a traditional family of entrepreneurs referred, inter alia, on the commitment to the Location of its two Vice-President presidential candidate: Both of the pharmaceuticals group Boehringer Ingelheim, the Austrian chief Philipp von Lattorff IV-Vice – as well as Infineon Austria – chaired by Sabine Herlitschka – invest in sum more than two billion euros in Austria.

Knill has brought in two managers and representatives of the Groindustrie in the conducting body. The open space “for a Colonel’s surprise candidate” in the Prsidium to go to F. Peter mitterbauer, the Chairman of the Board of Miba AG in Laakirchen,. This Gercht made yesterday by the round and would be a smart move: the Colonel would bring rich back into the boat, and a Signal fr wre also a future Prsidentschaft.

Has not been chosen mitterbauer yesterday but. This will be rescheduled at the next Federal Board meeting, a majority of it.

Minister of economic Affairs Margaret Schrambck, chamber of Commerce President Harald Mahrer, the economy, the Federal government, the liberal Parliamentary group, and in the evening the IV from Colonel rich: they all congratulated Knill to victory.

The chief of the Styrian high-tech company follows the Viennese Georg Kapsch, who was not allowed to stand as a candidate after eight years in the function. His industrial colleagues, to keep, to have in time for a smooth transition is ensured. This has spent to a week-long election campaign.

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Sigrid Brandsttter

Editor Of Economy



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