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The number of entrants in all forms of education, ie basic education, master’s education, full-time education and higher education vocational training, has also increased this year compared to last year, said Renáta Vanó, vice president of higher education at the current M1 channel on Friday night.

According to the statistics presented in the program, more than a hundred thousand people have applied to higher education this year, about ten thousand more than last year. Most applied to the large universities: 14,571 to Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), 9,162 to the University of Debrecen, and 7,036 to the University of Szeged.

Renáta Vanó said that these are probably the most popular higher education institutions because they offer different opportunities in many fields and levels of education, whether in the field of pedagogy, medical or technical training, everyone can find their career goals.

Among the courses, economics training is very popular every year, but this year the number of people admitted to agricultural training also increased significantly, by 33 percent, in legal fields by 19 percent and in technical fields by 14 percent compared to last year’s data,

He added that for the successful admission, the highest score, 472 points, was required in one of the English-language courses of the Corvinus University of Budapest and in the undivided legal training of ELTE.

Renáta Vanó also said that it is possible to apply for additional admissions electronically from July 26 to August 8, but only one training place can be marked, and the score required for admission cannot be lower than what has just been established.


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