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Cold, rainy, windless autumn weather will characterize Hungary on Thursday morning, but it is reassuring that in the afternoon, with the exception of the north-eastern landscapes, the rain will stop and the sun will shine. National Meteorological Service from the forecast.

Thursday morning weather forecast.

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In the beginning we can expect very cloudy or cloudy weather, in some places foggy weather. In the morning, it breaks up in a larger area, the clouds start to fall and the sun shines for a longer or shorter period of time. Permanently overcast areas may remain in the eastern and northeastern landscapes. Light rain and drizzle may occur in some places.

The north-westerly wind is picking up over a large area, and in some places it is getting stronger. Highest daytime temperatures are usually expected to be between 4 and 12 degrees, with temperatures in the north-east. By late evening, the air cools to between minus 3 and plus 7 degrees.

In the evening, the clouds will increase again from the north, the sky will be mostly cloudy or overcast, in some places fog is likely. Light rain in places, drizzle may occur in foggy landscapes. Air movement will be moderate for the most part, but there may be vivid, strong jolts in higher places. The lowest night temperatures are between minus 3 and plus 4 degrees.

Thursday evening weather forecast.

Thursday evening weather forecast.

Photo: OMSZ /

Those who are sensitive to the front do not hurt if they prepare, they may experience headaches and fluctuations in blood pressure. In addition, spasmodic complaints, joint problems, depression, irritability, and nausea and malaise can occur in some people, which can affect those living in windy lands.

The Time picture he predicts we could even snowball by the middle of next week, as a Mediterranean cyclone arrives in Europe, bringing with it a large amount of rainfall. Whether it gets rain or snow will depend on how cool the air is.


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