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In 1996, Wes Craven put a horror film on the table that was bloody, scary, and exciting at the same time, prompting viewers all the way to guess who the masked serial killer was killing Woodsboro’s teenagers. Compared to Friday 13, or Nightmare on Elm Street, also directed by Wes Craven, what was interesting about Scream was that the threat was not otherworldly, but someone well known to the small town community. And the big screw ended up waiting for the unsuspecting audience.

And that is well-founded for the sequel. The director did not let go of the franchise, but leveled his fate for many years. The protagonist’s group of friends, of course, waned in the meantime, but the Scream retained its fun character due to the “whodunnit,” or “who made it” motif. In addition, the film series has become quite self-reflexive since the second act, as one of the main characters, Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), wrote what happened to them, the story was reworked by Hollywood, and the Bumping films were a great success in the Scream universe.

This self-reflection is also present in the fifth part of Sikoly, which has been screened in cinemas in Hungary since 13 January. This is the first part since Wes Craven’s death in 2015 that was directed by someone else. And about the new filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, it’s just that their deep-rooted fans of Sikoly have touched the film series with such care. Mild spoilers in the jump.

In addition to the obligatory nostalgia, we also get a lot of new ones from Sikoly 5

The start of the Scream is very familiar, a girl is home alone when the landline phone rings. An unknown man speaks in a perverted voice asking his prospective victim about his favorite horror movies. Then, at the end of the riddles, comes the bloody snapper, a masked madman breaking the door on Tara (Jenna Ortega) to roughly gut it.

Drew Barrymore’s Casey didn’t swim the encounter, but the protagonist of the new film does. Upon hearing the news, the girl’s sister, Sam (Melissa Barrera), returns to town and also brings her new boyfriend, Richie (Jack Quaid), to track down the mystery together. In the new Scream, in addition to excitingly incorporating the new, young generation, the makers bring back several old faces. So the film is kind of a mix, a requel, a bit of a reboot, a bit of a sequel, with which the characters make a good joke as well.

The point remained, as it used to be:

Ghostface massages Woodsboro residents in a row, and if they want to avoid the bloodbath, the protagonists have to try to figure out who is hiding behind the mask.

Part of the guesswork works very well, and we have to say it’s scaring too. Several times the directors managed to get us to jump in the chair. In addition, the creators skillfully played on the well-known horror film tropics, and it happened that they immediately entertained the viewers, that now the killer would be in the background, and now … and by overdoing and repeating this solution, they made it a comic. it. Eventually, of course, Ghostface appeared anyway, and the knife was in his hand as well.

As in the new Matrix, so here too there is quite a lot of explanation when the characters are just standing and the writers are trying to punch through us why it was necessary for this sequel to be done. Yet it is completely unnecessary, because in addition to skillfully kneading old nostalgia and the charm of novelty, the Scream has become a dirty fun slasher.

Much more of that would be needed, and no one would be angry when, after 10-15 years, the big studios dare to reach out to film franchises that were in vain until then. And the lead-sister, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, have to be said to hope to have more opportunities in Hollywood in the future because the two of them absolutely stole the show. As a YellowjacketsWe were also very happy with Jasmin Savoy Brown, whom I met in.

The Scream is a horror film after a long time that makes it worth going to the cinema and experiencing the massacre on a big screen. It’s finally a bloody popcorn movie.


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