Increase the weight limit for passenger cars, Bentley asks

With each new generation, modern luxury cars are getting bigger and heavier due to new safety and comfort features, heavy electrified powertrains and massive dimensions.

The recently launched extended Bentley Bentayga EWB is a perfect example with a curb weight of 2,514 kilograms and a total vehicle weight of 3,250 kg.

These numbers are dangerously close to the 3.5 tonne weight limit for a driving license. During the premiere of the larger bentay, the carmaker’s representative admitted to the CarSales website that the Volkswagen Group is using its lobbying tools in the European Commission to negotiate higher weight limits.

According to the Australian publication, the Crewe-based manufacturer is currently the group’s heaviest brand with an average of 2,308 kg in a number of four models.

“Licensing rules need to change,” said Chris Cole. “At the moment, with current technology, the total weight of the vehicle will hit the ceiling more often. There is an active interview with certification authorities, “he said.

Bentley’s attitude seems to be different from what BMW currently says. According to Christoph Fagschlunger, project manager of the new 7 Series, the new cars will no longer be heavier.

The two heaviest cars currently available are the i7 with 2,640 kg and the facelifted X7 SUV with 2,480 kg, which is probably the ceiling, according to Fagschlunger quoted by CarSales.

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