News In the east of the Val-d'oise, the bike has...

In the east of the Val-d’oise, the bike has its place


Just walk in the Large Ensemble of Sarcelles to realize it. In these streets congested by cars, there are no, or very little, of cyclists. And even fewer bike paths. At the time of the “corona tracks” blossom everywhere in the cities of Ile-de-France, and where the bicycle stands out as the new solution for travelers, east of the Val-d’oise seems more likely than ever to fall behind.

“It’s simple, there’s nothing ! exclaimed Yann, 50, rider emeritus. The little development existing, it is either not secure, or it is not cleaned. The ” old “néopro” pursued his passion on the roads ” campaign “, in the vicinity of Domont or Attainville.

“If I have to ride in the city, I don’t do it at peak hours, it is too risky, says Pierre Baudin, companion and employee unionized (Unsa) at the town hall. I have already been typed twice by cars. “

Sarcelles, Thursday, June 4. Yann and Pierre reported a lack of political will./LP/V. T.

“It will take time,” according to the mayor of Villiers-le-Bel

The cyclists reported a lack of political will on the territory. “Very few people use the bicycle for their daily commute, it is a reality. But if there was the infrastructure, and awareness-raising carried out on the subject, they would, think Yann. The two are related, it is a certainty ! “Peter takes the example of the arrival of the tram, on the avenue du 8-Mai-1945, where” no sharing of the road has been thought in the beginning.”

The mayor (KVD) of Villiers-le-Bel, Jean-Louis Marsac, admits to “a delay” and states that the municipalities start to take fold. “I see more and more people with new bikes. We are integrating now on a bike path in all of the landfills that we realize or are renovating. But, I have to admit that this is not enough, ” he says. It will take time. “

The parking lot, another problem to solve

The elected quotes the boulevard Salvador Alliende, where a passage for the two wheels has been materialized on the sidewalk, ” not very secure “, he admits. “It was long thought that this was not for us, or we made a mistake certainly “, continues on its counterpart (PS) of Sarcelles, Patrick Haddad.

The mayors are seeking to address the parking problem, while the collective housing social HOUSING do not have, in majority, of bike garage. “You can’t leave it outside, or on the forecourt of the station, the risk that it won’t be there in the evening “, is supporting Jean-Louis Marsac. He thought about it, as Patrick Haddad, to install shelters at bike near the train station, in part funded by the region Ile-de-France and SNCF.

The bike has more sense in approaching Paris

The lack of infrastructure also highlights a breakdown in social and ideological. The ” vélotaf “, the mobility, the sharing of the road, the way of life ” eco-friendly “… These concepts are emerging seem to be very far from the concerns of the inhabitants of the east of Val-d’oise, france, and more widely of the popular districts. They are more striking in the capital and its small crown.

“It does not adapt to their way of life, based Grégoire de Lasteyrie. In these territories, the car is often essential for going to work. The more you live close to Paris, the more the bike makes sense. The distance from home to work is higher in large crown. “

“It is above all a phenomenon of framework, CSP + average, bobo. The bike still has a poor image in settings serving low-income, ” says Dominique Rioux, transportation engineer mobility at the institute for the Paris region.

Yet, according to the expert, the bicycle could be a vector of development of the area and allow people in non-motorized access to employment. “If you draw a radius of 10 km, the distance” reasonable “for a cycling trip, around the platform of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle, you will find these cities to be precarious, with high rates of unemployment, ahead of-t-he. Why not create a bike path for the link ? The bike costs a little expensive, and caters perfectly to this population. “


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