In the Czech Republic, they have formed a cabinet without Babis, waiting for the president suffering from cirrhosis to sign

Petar Fiala will be the next Czech prime minister. PHOTO: Reuters

Five parties in the Czech Republic have signed a coalition agreement to form a new center-right majority after winning the last election. This is an important step towards the formation of a new government, which is delayed due to the health of President Milos Zeman. In the government will not be the party of Prime Minister Andrei Babish ANO, which lost positions in the elections.

There was information about the signing of the document that it will be on Monday, when the parliament will convene for the first time after the vote.

The new government, headed by opposition leader Petar Fiala, will have 108 deputies. Fiala won the election at the head of the liberal-conservative union “Together”, composed of the Civil Democratic Party, the Christian Democrats and the TOP09 party.

President Zeman is in hospital with cirrhosis, but is expected to give a mandate to Fiala soon. He was hospitalized on October 10, but the hospital said he was feeling well enough to serve his entire term.

Zeman had previously said he wanted to give Babis a term, but according to the president, the billionaire was no longer interested in being prime minister because no one wanted to negotiate with him for a government.

Doctors believe that Zeman is currently unable to perform all his duties and needs more treatment. He will probably need a few more weeks in the hospital.


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