In Russia, a woman drowned in an ice-hole in front of children: video of the moment

Photo: North-Western RPSO

Divers searching for woman’s body

The video shows how a woman in the dark jumps into the hole as a “soldier” and does not emerge.

In the Leningrad region on Epiphany, a 39-year-old woman jumped into an ice hole and did not emerge, she was carried away by the current. About this on Saturday, January 22, informs RBC.

According to the agency, the incident occurred in the Gatchina region during Epiphany bathing on the Oredezh River. To this day, the woman’s body has not been found.

“At the moment, the search has not yielded any results, divers are working,” the agency cites a message from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Leningrad Region.

The video of unsuccessful bathing was published by the Baza Telegram channel. It shows how a woman in the dark jumps into the hole as a “soldier” and does not emerge. After her, her husband rushed into the water, but he could not get his wife. Their children were watching.

Recall that a similar incident occurred on January 19 in the Kiev region: a man born in 1969 while diving into an ice hole did not rise to the surface. Rescuers pulled his body out of the water three hours later.

Also the death of two men baptismal bathing ended in Ternopil and Rivne regions.

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