in New York, the crowd celebrates “the end of Trump’s reign”

US PRESIDENTIAL 2020 – Joe Biden’s victory has sparked spontaneous jubilation in the streets of New York. But behind this celebration, many believe that the path will be long to correct the consequences of the “Trump system”.

A dull clamor invaded the streets, like a sudden liberation. Saturday, November 7, around 11:30 a.m., the CNN and NBC channels finally announced the news: Joe Biden has now obtained such a lead in votes in the states still being counted that he can no longer be caught up. Ahead of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, he won 279 electors, out of the 270 required to be elected. At 77, he becomes the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris, her running mate, is the first woman and non-white person to become vice president. Above all, Donald Trump is beaten.

In New York, which votes mostly Democratic, it’s joy. Trump may be a native son, but much of the city has long since disowned him. After four days of waiting and an emotional roller coaster, the inhabitants go to the windows or on the steps of the buildings to applaud, congratulate and hug each other.

In Brooklyn, some gather at crossroads to cry victory, motorists respond by honking their horns. A 98-year-old grandmother, out in a wheelchair with her daughter, confides, behind her mask, her « happiness “. Champagne buttons are popping, and too bad if it’s not yet noon. Under a bright sun, the city is intoxicated with a cacophonous joy. We no longer count the misty looks, the tears of relief. « For millions of Americans, the long national nightmare is over », announces presenter Jack Tapper on CNN, which is beginning to broadcast images of jubilation from several major cities.

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