In New York State, nearly 800,000 residents are threatened with eviction

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In New York, where it is -12 degrees, thousands of residents risk finding themselves on the streets with the end, this Saturday, of the moratorium on evictions. The associations multiply the pressures on the local government for a new extension, in vain.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

It is a deadline that Omar Guttierez has been dreading for several weeks. “ It’s terrifying. I find it hard to believe that the governor and the authorities do nothing he says.

Omar lost his job several months ago. He owes nearly $5,000 in rent and with the eviction moratorium ending this Saturday, he’s afraid he’ll be kicked out. “ My husband and I had the Covid in March 2020, he explains. I’m suffering from long Covid and we’re still trying to get through it 2 years later and yes, we need help. »

Like Omar Guttierez, nearly 800,000 are at risk of deportation in New York State. Originally set up as emergency measure in the midst of a pandemic, the moratorium has already been extended several times. The last time, this summer, Governor Kathy Hochul pleaded for it.

« With me leading New York State, we won’t let homelessness get any worse, she had promised. We will not let people risk eviction when they have nothing to do with having lost income, which prevents them from paying. »

The fear of a wave of evictions

This time, Kathy Hochul and the authorities have not spoken despite calls from tenant associations who fear waves of evictions in the middle of winter and are calling for a moratorium until spring.

For their part, the owners welcome the end of the moratorium which, according to them, responded to an emergency situation which is no longer the same as at the start of the pandemic.


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