In Kharkiv region, an orphan boy with a neighbor saved four lives and received awards (video)

The man returned three times to the house, which was on fire, to find the child.

In the Kharkiv region, 15-year-old orphan Dmitry Gerbut saved his grandmother and two nephews from a house that was on fire, and another of his relatives was saved from the building by 47-year-old neighbor Vasily.

After the heroic deed, the guy and his neighbor received awards from rescuers – medals and certificates, according to the TSN story.

Herbut shared that he could not save his 8-year-old nephew Timothy on his own.

“First I pushed my grandmother (out of the house that was on fire – Ed.), then the younger nephew and the eldest (niece – Ed.) and jumped out myself, but I couldn’t climb for the middle one, because it was already on fire,” the boy shared .Read alsoThe child saved the dog, and the animal thanked: a “special operation” was filmed in Kiev

Vasily said that he came to the neighbor’s house when “everything was collapsing, everything was breaking, everything was cracking.” Despite this, he climbed into the house through the windows three times and still found the boy – he was lying under the bed.

Earlier it became known that a fire in a private house occurred on December 25 in the village of Second Staroverovka, Krasnograd district, Kharkiv region. According to rescuers, from a burning house 8-year-old boy was saved by neighbor Vasily Cherednichenko. After such an act, the State Emergency Service wants to nominate the man for the Hero-Rescuer of the Year award.

Recall that in early November in Melitopol, 17-year-old local resident Alexander Oganyan saved the passengers of a fixed-route taxi, whose driver became ill, and received the TSN “Impressive” award.

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