In early 2022, the Sampang Health Office records 37 cases of dengue fever

The Health Office of Sampang during fogging at Perum Permata Selong, Gunung Sekar Village, Sampang District. (PHOTO: Arif Tirtana/MI) – The number of cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Sampang earlier this year reached 37 cases. This was revealed by the Head of the Health and Family Planning Office (Dinkes-KB) of Sampang Regency, Dr Abdullah Najich, Monday (17/1).

“As of January 17, there have been 37 cases of DHF, children and adolescents are experienced by children and adolescents aged 1-20 years,” he said, Monday (17/1/2022).

According to him, in 2021 the number of dengue cases in Sampang will reach 208 cases. Although during the past year there were 208 cases, no DHF patients were reported to have died.

To anticipate this, said Najich, his party continues to make a number of efforts. One of them appealed to residents to always maintain cleanliness by implementing 3M.

He also appealed to the public to implement clean living behavior, invited all stakeholders to jointly clean mosquito nests and form a Mosquito Nest Eradication group (PSN) through the nearest Puskesmas. In addition, his party continues to spray and smoke or fogging.

“All reports that come to us regarding dengue cases will be followed up immediately for fogging,” he said.

Notes from the Sampang Health Office, for dengue cases in 2021, the most cases occurred in 3 sub-districts in Sampang, with 163 cases, namely, Sampang, Torjun, and Omben Districts.

Of the 3 sub-districts, Kota Sampang sub-district was recorded to have 124 cases. The details are Kamuning Health Center 63 cases and Banyuanyar Health Center 61 cases.

Followed by the Torjun Health Center as many as 19 cases of DHF were reported and handled. Meanwhile, at the Omben Health Center, there were 2 cases and 18 cases of dengue fever were recorded at the Jrengoan Health Center.

“Compared to other sub-districts, it is smaller than the three sub-districts, based on reports from a number of Puskesmas,” he explained. (AW)

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