News in Dijon, the companies of the event are the...

in Dijon, the companies of the event are the forgotten of the déconfinement


At the time when the activity picks up as much as in different sectors, the event remains completely shut down and the nearest prospects of recovery are not before October. At Dijon, the company EMA Events is no activity since February. It employs 20 employees and is beginning to find the very very long time.

EMA Events organized in Dijon, the inauguration of the new museum of Fine Arts
EMA Events

Your company E. M. A Events, is so specialized in events organization, everything is shut down in this moment ?

I prefer to laugh than cry because it is effectively shut down for the 14th of February. We had at the beginning a lot of cancellations or postponements by the precautionary principle and now simply because we no longer have the right to exercise our profession since the beginning of containment. Today, it is a bit forgotten. There was no directive, no announcement, not even the perspective to resume our work.

What is the financial impact? One can imagine that it must be very heavy ?

There is no need of having large studies in order to understand. When you have zero turnover for months, the financial impact is considérale. We are E. M. A it’s 98% of order cancellations or deferrals by 2021. But to go in 2021, it should already be able to go until the end of 2020. And this is worrying as it is what about after recovery? How it’s going to take and is this going to be in the same conditions as before? to be able to pay all of the objectives and the loan that we have incurred ?

There is talk of restrictions until October. You’re still able to have prospects of resumption of activity or it’s still the great unknown for the time being?

For us, it is the great unknown until October, because we have orders that have been deferred up to this date. Before there was nothing. It is the nothingness. But even so, it is the great unknown. We would like to be able to prepare in relation to sanitary measures and know how to protect themselves. But what makes us crazy is that we, as professionals, we do not have the right to organize events, but at the same time, you have the right to protest without masks in the street more than 20 000 people, you have the right to organize private events in your garden with the number of people or guests that you want. For a virus or an infectious disease, I don’t see the difference with a professional event that would be framed with health measures, well-made and well met!

What do you do in this moment ? You are working on the end of the year or next year?

Most people are not working because all of my employees is in partial unemployment, except for me because as a leader I was not right. I try to find solutions, explore concepts, trying to keep it alive and visible. It is as if you are preparing for a sporting event without knowing its nature!

France Bleu Bourgogne is at your side to accompany you during the period of déconfinement. Each day at 7: 15, your radio station is interested in a company emblematic of our region (floret, industrial, sports club, association, restaurant, etc). How is she ? What lessons does it of this pandemic coronavirus ? How projects in the future ?


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