In China, the city of Zhengzhou in the grip of violent floods

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, in the center of China, is affected by significant floods this Tuesday July 20. While residents were trapped in the waves, cars floated in the torrential rains.

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Victims saved in extremis

According to the Shanghai Eye media, the province is hit by a typhoon causing historic rains.

The media reports in particular that people found themselves stranded in the street and trying to form a human chain to narrowly escape the torrents of muddy water.

Witnesses report overwhelming scenes of people saved in extremis.

At least one dead

An ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) correspondent reported a death toll of at least one dead and two missing on Tuesday.

According to the Shanghai Eye media, more than 144,000 residents have been affected to date and 10,152 have been relocated since the flooding began. Rescue teams are still deployed in the province to help residents.

Other media report that passengers got stuck in the metro. Firefighters are deployed there to rescue passengers.


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