Business In addition to: a decrease in tourism to the...

In addition to: a decrease in tourism to the Netherlands by 50% and Financial


The Netherlands also escaped, according to analysts, is not on the shopping trend. “We have to keep in mind is that the number of tourists in the Netherlands this year, with a 50 percent decline,” says analyst Jos Klerx from the Start.

Even in the best scenario, according to the WTTC, in the European Union this year, to 8.8 million of the 22.6 million jobs in the tourism industry, will be lost. The damage to the economy amounted to 510 million euros. That’s a decline of 39 per cent in 2019.

In the worst case, there may be, in the EU, 18.3 million jobs will be lost and the economic damage of up to more than 1000 billion euros. Particularly for international travelers to make up after the virus outbreak breaks down.


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