IMRO besieged Boyana’s residence before the second Petkov-Kovachevski meeting

The IMRO youth organization organized a protest in front of the Boyana government residence before the second round of talks between the prime ministers of Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia Kiril Petkov and Dimitar Kovachevski.

The reason – the fears of the patriots that the new government conveys the Bulgarian national interest in the Macedonian question.

“We are here to explain to Prime Minister Petkov that Bulgarians live in Macedonia. To explain to the Prime Minister, to sanctify his name, that grinning in the mall without a mask, in no way solves the problem with Macedonia “, the former MP from IMRO Alexander Sidi was sharp.

Sidi saw her symbolic neglect of our history and in particular – Petkov met his northern Macedonian counterpart Dimitar Kovachevski in front of the monument to the Unknown Soldier, but both did not pay homage to the monument to King Samuel, located a few meters from there.

Good neighborliness with practical dimensions, promised Kiril Petkov in Skopje

On January 25, a joint meeting of the two governments

“The problems are not rooted in airline Sofia-Skopje, and in the Bulgarian language, which these people across the border try to steal every day. Serbianness has no place in the European Union“, believe the IMRO.

Prime Minister Petkov’s statement, suggesting that there was fascism in Bulgaria, borders on madness, Sidi is adamant. “I can say that this man must have overdosed on his ketodiet or graduated from Harvard with their special program – that’s the only reason. Fascism is the thesis that Serbian propaganda in Macedonia has been promoting for years.”

IMRO asks the government for a referendum on PCM, a subscription begins

IMRO asks the government for a referendum on PCM, a subscription begins

With the poster “Macedonia is Bulgarian”, the voivodes protested in front of the Presidency

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