Implant chips with green certificates in Sweden (Video)

The Swedish company Epicenter has started offering the implantation of an NFC chip containing a Kovid certificate in the palm of the hand. According to the developers, this will eliminate the worry that the phone may be lost or forgotten, and with it the green certificate will disappear, reports Metro, quoted by

The chip in the hand can also store business ID numbers, bus tickets or gym membership. It can open doors and even make payments at POS terminals.

“Implants are a very flexible technology that can be used for many different things, and at the moment it is very convenient to have a Covid passport always available on your implant in hand,” said Hannes Söblad, CEO of Epicenter.

In early December, the Swedish government announced that “Kovid passports” would be required for every event with more than 100 people.

According to digital culture researcher Moa Petersen, about 6,000 people in Sweden have a chip in their hands. Implants became relatively popular in the Scandinavian country a few years ago. Most people with a chip in their hand did not apply for a green certificate.

The CEO of Epicenter adds that the process is 100% reversible and anyone can remove the chip from their hand.

Stephen Northam runs BioTeq, one of the UK’s leading human chipping companies.

“In 10-15 years, people with a microchip will be much more common in our daily lives,” he told

BioTeq offers its customers a choice between implants based on NFC or RFID technology.


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