Entertainment Illan and Eddy soon in The Angels 12, they...

Illan and Eddy soon in The Angels 12, they kiss (VIDEO)


Illan and Maeva Ghennam still friends since the shooting of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 4? We have the answer! And since we are talking to you aboutIllan, know that he met Eddy during an evening and this, by chance … If the two boys seem to get along well at the moment, they still make it clear that they had some arguments during the shooting of the Angels 12. Eddy even balances: “Friends, don’t judge me! The Angels who will see me please don’t judge me. It was not planned. It is by chance. Afterwards, either we are resentful or we are not … Either we are stupid, or we are not … “


Whether at war or not in Les Anges 12, Eddy and Illan buried the hatchet with a little kiss! It remains only to know why the relations between the two young men were a little tense during their adventure in Hong-Kong … And to find out, we will have to wait a little longer. We remind you that season 12 of the Angels will hit our screens on February 3. So to be patient, know that Cloé Cooper has been in a relationship since his separation from Virgil and we invite you to discover the identity of his new boyfriend … And you certainly know him!



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