if you offered books for babies to offer as a birth gift?

Tear-proof, pop-it or large format, baby books are varied and interesting. This spring, give children’s literature as a birth gift!

There is no age limit for discovering literature and putting books in the hands of children, including toddlers who put them in their mouths. The editions two golden roosters carried out research on the quality of paper, which gave birth to a collection called An indestructible book.

It’s a success: the thick paper is coated with a non-toxic product that makes it waterproof and tear-proof. It is soft to the touch.

The size, small and light, makes it easy to handle. The colors chosen are mesmerizing. The different volumes offer Seek and Find, colorful picture books, popular tales that can accompany children from 6 months to 5 years old.

It is truly a successful editorial innovation.

Pop Yellow, Vert Pop, etc. of Aurora Small

Pop Yellow, Rose Pop, Vert Pop et Rouge Pop : here are the names of four small books for babies designed by Aurora Small and published at La Martiniere Youth. The title refers to “pop” colors but the word “Pop” also refers to relief.

These books are pop-it books, those that explode in the eyes of children to surprise them and attract their attention. Pop-it albums are usually reserved for older children, from 5 years old, because the paper cutouts are very fragile. By making them out of thick cardboard, Aurore Petit overcomes this pitfall and makes them accessible to children from 1 year old.

This series Rouge Pop, Pop Yellow, Rose Pop et Vert Pop will allow the little ones to discover colors in a playful way thanks to amusing examples. The pink is that of the pig, sweets and the tongue of the cat; green is frog and…booger!

This book in XXL format is to be read by two lying on the ground. He is published in a collection “O-3 years good for babies” which reflects the approach of Seuil editions.

The publishing house went to see the great children’s author Thierry Dedieu to submit to it the scientific findings of early childhood specialists. Babies see black and white better and are sensitive to the musicality of language.

Thierry Dedieu has thought up several albums like Happy birthday et Poems for babies, Spring haikus among other things like graphic walks in Nature and everyday life. Swan, ladybug, butterflies are the heroes of these cardboard pages that baby can appropriate without risk of damaging it.

You see, Pascal, authors and publishers really want to write for toddlers. There is now a real reflection around the content, format and material of the albums so that children can now leaf through their books on their own.

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