News If you are cold all the time, be careful,...

If you are cold all the time, be careful, you could have these diseases


Being cold is normal when the weather warrants it, but if you are cold all the time, even on very hot days, be careful, you could have these diseases. Four serious conditions can manifest in this way, so you must be aware of the signs.

There are people who always say they are cold, have chills, and even, they are always wrapped or covered with long sleeves and pants. This, far from exaggeration, may be screaming for a medical checkup, because it is a symptom of some diseases.

When you have constant cold in the hands and feet, it can mean a picture of anemia, because the lack of iron in the blood can manifest with this sensation, since it complicates the circulation of blood.

Another of the diseases that can be manifested by cold in the extremities of the body, is heart failure, since, with this health problem, the heart is unable to properly pump the blood.

Being cold all the time also means that you have a thyroid problem. In addition to this signal, other symptoms such as hair loss and constipation, among other signs.

This condition is commonly related to diabetes, which causes constant cold, regardless of the weather, causes pain, as well as tingling and numbness of the limbs.

Given these symptoms, we suggest you go to have a medical check-up with a specialist, and rule out any problems. It is better prevent.



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