Sport If the championship is not enough

If the championship is not enough


After the expected profit of the German championship, Bayern is still not satisfied. Instead of rejoicing to belt out arias, to look coaches and bosses already on larger tasks.

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FC Bayern München after winning the eighth championship in the series for a long tired – in the DFB Cup and the Champions League, the next title could follow. “It’s Bayern Munich, the goals are always high, but to me,” said master-Trainer Hansi Flick after the somewhat laborious 1:0 (1:0) at Werder Bremen, that the record-breaking champion for the premature title win was enough for Sky.

Exuberant celebration mood came from the record master to the 30. Championship in the club’s history not to. “We will, as a rule dedicate compliant in the evening and in the emotions as the first time free rein,” said Thomas Müller, and added dutifully, “But it has developed in the Corona time now, so a Esskonzept that everyone has a single table. We don’t need to resolve absolutely. In a distance of two metres, with a bit of privacy, you can raise, nevertheless, also the glass.” To dropped mostly as in previous years, reminds whiz, however.

Cup final against Leverkusen as the next destination

In addition to the Corona-limitations this is of course also due to the fact that Bayern have this season, other goals – big goals. “We have made the first step, the first goal we have reached by the championship,” said Flick, and set the view back to the front on the 4. July, and the duel with Bayer Leverkusen in Berlin: “We have in the Cup the next step, we want to make. But what you cannot plan is the Champions League. Which is hard enough as it is.”

Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge outline after the 30. Championship planning for the upcoming weeks. “We have the Cup final with a break of around four weeks, the coach will give the team a short holiday of twelve days. And then he will go again in the preparation for the eighth-final game,” he said – the return game against Chelsea (first leg 3:0).

Rummenigges claim for the Champions League

“Then we need to just go fully concentrated on the thing in the Champions League one way or the other progress in the competition, ideally to the final,” said Rummenigge: “We don’t have to go with arrogance, but with respect to the tasks.”

Club President Herbert Hainer took verbally a little further out of cover. “I would quote the experts all say this team has the opportunity to win the Triple.” And further: “There’s a little bit of luck is part of it, but the individual quality and what has made Hansi Flick in six months, from the team, is class.” Bayern have “all the possibilities and I trust the team a lot,” said Hainer. The championship will be only the first step been.



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