If a scientist managed to find an alien, what would you ask?


If scientist managed to find an alien beyond Earth, what question would you like to ask him? So far the search for aliens has been carried out on a large scale by scientists, but there have been no concrete results that can prove the existence of highly intelligent alien creatures.

detikINET even, Sunday (10/31/2021) asked a number of people whether they believe in the existence of aliens and what questions they would ask if extraterrestrial creature the.

First, there is Feri (28) who works as a private employee. He said he slightly believed in the existence of aliens, although there were still doubts due to the lack of evidence.

“But I believe a little, because the universe is very wide and there are many mysteries that have not been revealed. If you find it, wow, it’s amazing, most people will ask where he came from and how he got to live there,” he said.

Furthermore, there is Galih (26) who claims to believe in the existence of alien. He said many UFO objects had been caught on camera and seen. Regarding the question he wanted to convey to the aliens, Galih gave a different answer from Feri.

“Want to ask how they can create advanced technology? Because if you can communicate with Earth, it requires technology. Then I want to ask, have you ever watched the Earth? How does it live and reproduce?” said Galih.

In line with Galih, Reza Djatnika (31) also thinks that he believes in aliens. According to him, logically, galaxies are like sand in the ocean.

“How many galaxy that exist in the universe? In this universe there must be billions of ‘sand’, if it’s only life on Earth, I don’t think the logic is there. If we are the only ones alive, how is that possible?” he said.

If his belief is true, there are a number of questions he would like to ask the alien. The first is ‘is there football or popular sport on Earth where the aliens came from’.

“Then, is there a competition or not? Is there a tiered competition? Is there a competition based on inter-intelligence? alien?” he concluded.

What do you think, seconds? Do you believe there are aliens out there?

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