I’d rather study than waste my coffee time


In the studio of “This Sunday” is one of the most popular women in Bulgaria and one of the most active singers in pop-folk – Emanuela. She is considered the Queen of Provocation, but also the Fugitive Bride. Now the singer shared that she has become an ecology student.

“I’d rather study than waste my coffee time,” Emanuela said.

“During the quarantine there was nothing to do, you fall into idleness and nonsense. You want to do something, but we are very active in our profession, and I love to learn,” said Emanuela, what prompted her to become. student of ecology.

The singer’s parents wanted her to study medicine, not music.

“It was a taboo subject for my parents – there was a period when they didn’t talk to me because I chose to become a singer,” said Emanuela, who decided to prove to them that one can be successful with her profession as well.

The singer says that she has not had a problem with obscene proposals from men in her profession – it is not difficult for her to cut them.

“I talk a lot and men are afraid to talk to me if they flirt with me, it’s far away,” Emanuela said.

According to Emanuela, artists are always lonely and everyone has their own madness, but he admits that he recently has a man by his side.

“The man who is in my heart has a great sense of humor, and to escape the clichés, I will say that when I tell him ‘I love you,’ he replies, ‘I ate, yes,'” she said.

Before social networks, people relied heavily on the yellow media as a source of information about celebrities in Bulgaria, the singer said. Emanuela herself says that she and her family often laughed at ridiculous news published about her in these publications.

“I’m not a very material person. You can live with 2 and 200. My happiest years were when I didn’t have much,” said the singer. She shares that, like any woman, she likes to shop in expensive stores, but she does not think that this is the most important thing in life.

“Family and children are the most important thing to me, a career can wait,” said Emanuela, who gave birth to her eldest son at just 18 years old.

Emanuela is one of the most active singers at the moment, and the pandemic is seriously affecting their industry.

“I don’t think it’s good to shut down healthy people. Let’s let this industry live and look for problems elsewhere,” she said.

The singer said that she has no relationship with the father of her young son. She is happy that her wonderful child was born from this relationship, but she has no plans to reconnect with his father.

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