World Iceland, France, Netherlands…: the list of countries affected by...

Iceland, France, Netherlands…: the list of countries affected by coronavirus is growing


In total, since the beginning of December, 2,867 people have died from the coronavirus while more than 36,000 have returned to their normal state.

Juntil recently, China was the only global center for coronavirus. However, the risk has increased with the emergence of new source countries such as South Korea (2,337 confirmed cases), Iran (388 confirmed cases) or Italy. Africa, although there are few cases, is not spared either. The virus has now infected some 79,000 people in China and more than 5,000 in the rest of the world.

Every day, since the beginning of December 2019, new cases are discovered. Today it affects around 50 countries other than China, the center of the epidemic. In this country, where more than 2,600 people have been killed, drastic measures have been taken, including 50 million people confined to Hubei.


Some countries such as Italy are causing concern. Rome was quick to react, quarantining 11 municipalities in the north of the country.

Less affected than neighboring Italy, France saw the balance sheet accelerate this Friday, with a total of 57 confirmed cases, against 38 the day before.

“A new stage in the epidemic has been reached,” said Minister of Health Olivier Véran, on a visit to Crépy-en-Valois (Oise), where the first Frenchman who died of infection was teaching.

In Switzerland, around fifteen cases have been detected, including the first Tuesday in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, bordering Italy. He is a septuagenarian who recently traveled to Milan (northern Italy), where he is said to have contracted the disease. Other cases have since been recorded in several cantons, such as in Geneva (west), Zurich (north), Basel (north) and in the canton of Graubünden (east).

The other countries are not spared: United Kingdom (19 confirmed cases), Spain (32 confirmed cases), Germany (48 confirmed cases), Belgium (1 confirmed case), Netherlands (1 confirmed case), Austria (3 confirmed cases), Croatia (5 confirmed cases), Romania (3 confirmed cases), Greece (4 confirmed cases), Denmark (1 confirmed case), Norway (1 confirmed case), Sweden (7 confirmed cases) and Finland (2 cases confirmed), Estonia (1 confirmed case), Lithuania (1 confirmed case).


The main focus is in China where nearly 79,000 cases are recorded, North Korea is the second most affected country with 2,337 cases. Another outbreak has emerged in Iran, with 388 confirmed cases. On the Asian continent, almost all countries are affected: Kuwait (43 confirmed cases), Thailand (41 confirmed cases), Japan (228 confirmed cases), Singapore (93 confirmed cases)…


The American continent is much less affected than Europe by the epidemic. In the south, only Brazil has a case. In the north, the United States is the most affected, with 60 confirmed cases. In Canada, several large cities such as Vancouver (7 confirmed cases), Toranto (5 confirmed cases), and Montreal (1 confirmed case) are facing coronavirus.


There is one case in Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria.



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