Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | The Swiss also nominate Kurasheva from Chicago in the World Cup nomination, Ambühl will break records

The 22-year-old Kurashev was scheduled to take part in the Swedish Games last week, but his arrival was delayed due to a positive coronavirus test. In the end, he got permission from the Blackhawks to start the championship. It is the seventh addition to the NHL coach Patrick Fischer team. Defenders Dean Kukan of Columbus, Janis Moser of Arizona, Jonas Siegenthaler with striker Nice Hischier of New Jersey, who chose him in 2017 as the draft pick, and other forwarders Timo Meier of San Jose and Pius Suter of Detroit, .

Kurashev has 121 games and 37 points for 14 goals and 23 assists in the NHL in two seasons in the Chicago jersey. He is preparing for the third world championship. Geisser, a year older, made his World Cup debut last year and returned to Hershey after winning the title with Zug last year. He is waiting for a premiere in the NHL.

Thirty-one-year-old NHL star Josi apologized for wanting to be by his pregnant wife after knocking out Nashville in the playoffs with Colorado. Josi has had an amazing season in the basics. He scored 96 points for 23 goals and 73 assists in 80 matches and scored the most points among the 1992/93 season, when Phil Housley of Winnipeg had 97 points (18 + 79) out of 80 matches.

At the Beijing Olympics in February, Ambühl finished third with nine players, including Jaromír Jágr for six-time record holders Raim Helminen and Teemu Selänne of Finland. He now surpasses former defender Seger, who reached the finish line of the 16th World Cup before the national team farewell in 2014. Kiessling set his record at 119 matches in 1991.

In addition to Geisser and Kurashev, goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni and strikers Fabrice Herzog with Dario Simion from the Zugu championship as well as defender Christian Marti and forward Denis Malgin from the defeated Zurich finalist team joined the team.

Ambühl and goalkeeper Reto Berra of Friborg won the silver medals at the 2013 World Championships in Stockholm and five years later in Copenhagen. The world runners-up from Denmark are Genoni, Kukan, Meier defender Michael Fora of Ambri-Piotta and strikers Enzo Corvi of Davos, Damien Riat of Lausanne and Tristan Scherwey of Bern.

In preparation, the Swiss played duels with France outside (4: 2) and at home (4: 1), then presented themselves in Germany (2: 4 and 6: 1) and at home with Latvia (5: 2 and 3: 1). At the Swedish Games in Tampere, they played against Finland (3: 2) and in Stockholm against Sweden (2: 3 in overtime) and the Czech Republic (0: 3).

He will enter the championship on Saturday from 15:20 CEST against Italy and in other Group A matches in Helsinki he will face Denmark, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Canada, Switzerland and Germany.

Nomination of Swiss hockey players at the Helsinki and Tampere World Championships (May 13-29):
Sandro Aeschlimann (Davos)
Reto Berra (Fribourg-Gotteron)
Leonardo Genoni (Train)
Dominik Egli (Davos)
Michael Fora (Ambri-Piotta)
Andrea Glauser (Lausanne)
Christian Marti (Zurich)
Tobias Geisser (Hershey/AHL)
Dean Kukan (Columbus/NHL)
Janis Moser (Arizona/NHL)
Jonas Siegenthaler (New Jersey/NHL)
Andres Ambühl
Enzo Corvi (oba Davos)
Christoph Bertschy
Damien Riat (oba Lausanne)
Fabrice Herzog
Dario Simion (or Zug)
Denis Malgin (Zurich)
Marco Miranda (Geneva)
Tristan Scherwey (Berne)
Calvin Thürkauf (Lugano)
Nico Hischier (New Jersey/NHL)
Philipp Kurashev (Chicago/NHL)
Timo Meier (San Jose /)
Pius Suter (Detroit/NHL)

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