Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Germany – Canada 3: 5, Canada started the process of defending victoriously

The Canadians did not want to admit the wrong entry into the tournament as last year in Riga, where they reached a triumph even though they lost the first three matches. The last unsuccessful duel was played with the Germans (1: 3). Immediately after the initial throw-in, they set out to attack, Cozens found a free Royce behind the back with a backhand, but he failed on Grubauer.

Claude Julien’s coach was delighted to make the score 9 minutes into the game, after a rush down the left, but his closing shot hit the post. Michaelis could answer, but at 17:22 the Canadians raised. Dubois aimed at Bittner’s defender this time at the right gallows.

At the beginning of the second period, Schmölz got into a good shooting position on the right circle, but Thompson intervened. In the 28th minute, the Vegas goalkeeper lost his net account. He turned Seider’s shot only to Michaelis, who arrived promptly.

Photo: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

Canadian Josh Anderson during the match with Germany.Photo: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

At 31:37, at Soramies’ expulsion, Canada rebounded again. Roy’s pass was sent to Grubauer by Dubois skates. He had to wait for Judge Shir and Ansons to check the situation on the video to acknowledge the goal.

Pykat went right after Schmölz’s goal, although the Germans resisted during his stay on the penalty bench, but six seconds after the end of the penalty, Johnson raised with a shot from the right circle. In the 38th minute, Sanheim sent the puck for Comtois’s guard, who returned it to Gregor in the back, and after his precise intervention it was already 5: 1.

After 73 seconds of the third period, he used a power play of five against three in the penalties of Roy and Lowry Placht, who hit the closer upper corner of the goal from the right circle. In the ongoing classic power play, Schmölz could have reduced the loss by a difference of two goals, but he did not change the chance.

The Germans defended themselves against Wagner’s punishment, and the simultaneous expulsion of Anderson and Geekie offered them another five-on-three advantage that Seider took advantage of. But Canada also watched the win in the final power play of the Germans.

Hockey World Championship:
Group A (Helsinki):
Germany – Canada 3: 5 (0: 2, 1: 3, 2: 0)
Goals and recordings: 28. Michaelis (Seider, Pföderl), 42. Plachta (Stützle, Seider), 53. Seider (Stützle, Pföderl) – 9. Sillinger (J. Anderson, Lowry), 18. Dubois, 32. Dubois ( N. Roy, Batherson), 34. K. Johnson (Mercer, Chabot), 38. Gregor (Comtois, Sanheim). Judges: Ansons (LVA), Šír (CZE) – Davis (USA), Špůr (CZE). Exclusion: 3: 4. Utilization: 2: 2. Attendance: 4632.
Německo: Grubauer – Seider, M. Müller, Holzer, J. Müller, Wissmann, Wagner, Bittner – Stützle, Plachta, Ehliz – Michaelis, Pföderl, Noebels – Loibl, Schmölz, Fischbuch – Kastner, Soramies, Ehl. Trener: Toni Söderholm.
Kanada: Thompson – Whitecloud, Chabot, Sanheim, Severson, Holden, Mayo, Graves – N. Roy, Cozens, Dubois – Lowry, Sillinger, J. Anderson – Mercer, Batherson, K. Johnson – Geekie, Comtois, Gregor. Trenér: Claude Julien.

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