I want to cry from those memories, Andy worries about the Wife Exchange

Wednesday’s Wife Exchange brought a number of surprising moments. Both mothers, who are grateful for the new experience, recalled the filming. But Andy also described moments of horror.

One unpleasant situation will stay in Andy’s head forever. “The worst memory was when I found out the next day of the Exchange that I didn’t have enough milk for the baby. I still want to cry when I remember.” she let herself be heard.

Viktorka also blames herself for that. “I didn’t think to leave a sunar for Andy at home. I was sorry she didn’t know what to do. I felt that what would stay here would be enough,” said the mother of two.

Viktorka and Matyáš live a free-thinking life. They don’t want to stress with anything, they just let things flow. No wonder Andy messed up the mess in the foster family and decided to clean it up. “I understand it looked scary here, Andy helped us a lot,” is grateful Viktorka.

Andrea and Tomáš went to the Wife Exchange mainly because of new experiences. But the first moment was a shock for Andrea. “I can’t imagine living this style. But they also showed me a different perspective on life. I started thinking and saving more about everything,” Andy thinks.

The fact that Viktorka has a different view of life is constantly proven. “When I die, why should I somehow bind myself and not do what I want. So I enjoy being here and I can do whatever I can,” describes his philosophy of life. You can watch the whole episode here.

You can see the whole interview with Viktorka in the video here:


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