I think we will see a peak at the turn of the month – VG

The National Institute of Public Health has long warned that we probably have the pandemic’s highest peak of infection in store. Now department director Line Vold says that it can come before February.

– What we believe is that we will see a peak at the turn of the month January-February, perhaps at the beginning of February, the department director tells VG.

Line Vold says that they thus expect a sharp increase in the number of corona patients in the hospitals. On the other hand, she points out that there are several other countries with omicron infection that have experienced that the infection goes down again quickly:

– In South Africa, they had a very fast increase in infection, and then they got a pretty fast once too, when they had been through the top, she says.

The infection trend in Norway is now rising, according to VG’s overview. On Friday, 12,360 cases of infection were registered throughout the country, which is the highest number during the pandemic.

– We are in a situation where we have a virus that spreads more easily than before. Thus, we see that the infection numbers go up, it is expected, says Vold.

– Can we now expect that most of us will be infected?

– Yes, that is, we think several hundred thousand will be infected by omicron before we get out of this wave again.

However, this forecast is far more optimistic than the FHI came up with before Christmas. Then they considered that the omicron variant could in the worst case lead to 300,000 cases of infection every day.

The case is being updated

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