News "I think there is no man who kills someone"

“I think there is no man who kills someone”


In the marriage of the later perpetrator and of the victim, things weren’t perfect long before the Fact, from the 6. February 2016. Again and again it came to domestic violence, the children were placed by the KESB already foreign.

The offender and the victim were struggling with psychological problems, drugs and alcohol dominated the everyday life. Jealous attacks of the man, because of which even the police had to move out, were also on the agenda.

Due to this fierce jealousy it finally came in February 2016 for the brutal killing of the 38-Year-old.

On the eve of the fatal crime, it was re-armed. The woman was looking for then the advice of a male colleague; this brought her husband into a Rage. It came just hours before the final crime to several disputes.

Then, after a night in the disco, under the influence of alcohol, returned to the native Tunisians in the early hours of the morning of the 6. February, back in the apartment they shared. There, the perpetrators of a handle according to the first instance of a Victorinox kitchen knife and stabbed in the bedroom several times to his wife. The victim was bleeding due to the injuries slowly and suffocated.

At the conclusion of the defendant have embraced, according to its own information, his dead wife, and said: “I love you. Forgive me, please”. Then he had called the police. As this arrived at 5.40 PM in Hasle bei Burgdorf, was the man with no resistance to arrest.

During the first process, the Accused said: “It just happened. I was a different person.”


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