“I tell you how much I earned with Three Words” – Libero Quotidiano

You remember Valeria Rossi? She was the queen of the summer a few years ago with a real catchphrase: Three words. A song that he has de facto depopulated and which has quickly become a radio hit. The singer, however, after that success did not repeat the feat of reaching the top of the ranking of the most listened to songs in Italy. But many have wondered, how much will she have earned her with that song? The answer is provided by her in an interview with A sheep’s day: “When did I earn with that song? Maybe a figure of around five thousand euros a year”.

Only a few years ago the singer had participated in the show Now or never Amadeus to have a new opportunity in the entertainment world. The program had a rather curious purpose: to be able to bring back on the scene some singers of the past who, however, had not had a constant path in the world of music. In short, all those singers who had stopped only at a hit single. But Valeria Rossi did not succeed in the enterprise. However, his remains Three wordsa very famous song in Spain where there is an entirely Iberian version entitled Three words. And even around Madrid the piece was a success. In fact, he reached the fifth position in the standings.



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