“I hear the potential.” Mentors think Tom Samson needs to get rid of manners X Factor

Tom Samson names his personality, timbre, technique and ability to dance as his special “strings”. The show’s candidate is learning to be a jazz vocalist and the show is like a springboard for further work.

Tom says of himself that he is an extrovert, he likes to talk, so personality is one of the ways he stands out and attracts attention.

Tom Samson participates in the “X Factor” to move up the career ladder

The candidate of the show connects his life with music and learns jazz vocals. The singer admits that she has done a lot to be on the show, he feels the need to open new doors to unprecedented musical success.

“It’s not the most perfect song. I waited quite a long time for you to finally start singing and show your voice. I hear you have a voice. I hear the potential, ”Reinis analyzes.

Mentors in the lounge think that Tom is manners, he has to get out of manners, which could be achieved with songs that are not his usual repertoire.

Rein gives Tom Samson a chair, replacing Denny Griez.


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