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“I felt my voice to be heard in the coronaprotest to Arrive’


“I read in the net, yes,” Justin Machiels is in the morning, like many of the protesters are surprised by the reports that a protest against the coronamaatregelen to Arrive on Sunday is prohibited. But the protesters believe that it is best to be safe can be demonstrated, especially as it is outside.

The mayor Remkes, of The Hague, in his role as the chairman of the security region, from Sunday, all of the demonstrations, and that means that it is coronaprotest of the population, the Virus of Madness not to go. The organizers insist that there is an immediate end to the current coronamaatregelen, that is, the government as a matter of urgency to attempt to fix this in a new law.

Machiels, be an event of Sittard, the netherlands, the decision is strange because the demonstrate continues to be a fundamental right”. “It’s an excuse for the ban was that the dj’s rotate and that the demonstration was, therefore, a festival that is observed. But I don’t see that that is absolutely not the case, it’s a festival and there was a great the line-up is anyone coming to the party. The dj’s that were to come, just wanted to contribute to the story.” The organization of the demonstration, say they want to hold on to the one and a half meters.

The program

The organization was going to be on Sunday, between 13: 00 and 17: 00 hours you will Arrive to speakers, with music all day long, about every quarter of an hour. Artists such as dj Jean, Paul Elstak, and Ernst Jansz, had promised to cooperate.

“I have to say, when I saw this, I thought: maybe it would be better if more speakers are left,” says He, He. He, too, was going to be to Arrive to go to. “If you’re a dj, let the action, the more likely it will be forbidden. And that’s a shame, because I’d like my voice to be heard on Sunday.”

“I think it’s a new law about the freedom out of anything,” says He. “And it seems to me that many of the measures are very, very, very, fear-based, and to very little to take into account the latest knowledge and insights on the besmettingsmechanisme of the corona virus.”

Participating will be the 37-year-old, originally from Amsterdam, is a clear signal: it is worse than the disease. “The government could, for as long as possible, of their personal responsibility to go out, such a law would be, you only need to enter it at the dinner table is likely to run. It is very good, as is”, in which he refers to the decline in the number of coronadoden, hospital admissions, and positive-tested individuals.

The law is now under fire

The coronawet is already under attack. The national bar association says that the proposed law may infringe on the rights of the citizens. The Council for the administration of justice and the Council of State and to be critical about it. It is the intention of the government to make the law of July 1, all will, today, hold.

By an interim order, which is on the 25th of June, try the Virus, the Madness of the government to enforce measures to stop it. “In the last three months of the political and, especially, hollow rhetoric is heard,” says co-founder William Engel. “We are, en masse, going down to the faults of the government and to correct it. In lieu of that, we have to be on them, and we are now subject to criminal sanctions.”


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