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“I don’t want a race to the number of inhabitants “, says the outgoing mayor Nicolas Florian


Municipal 2020 in Bordeaux : Nicolas Florian wants to make the economic activity of its priority in the face of the crisis — 20 Minutes

  • After the first round of municipal elections on 15 march, there remain 3 candidates to the city hall of Bordeaux : Nicolas Florian (RL-MoDem-LREM), Pierre Hurmic (EELV-PS-PC) and Philippe Poutou (NPA).
  • Arrived in the lead on the first lap with 34,56 %, the outgoing mayor Nicolas Florian is the favorite for the second round.
  • During the period of the confinement, he says have ” reached out to those who wanted to participate in a joint action for the city. “

Arrived in head at the end of the first round of the municipal (34,56 %), but with only 96 votes ahead of his main rival Peter Hurmic (34,38 %),
the outgoing mayor Nicolas Florian that leads to a list LR-MoDem, has since made an alliance with the candidate LREM Thomas Cazenave, who had achieved 12,69 %. Preferring ” the additions to subtractions “, Nicolas Florian may as well address a little more tranquil
second round June 28.

How are your first days of marriage with Thomas Cazenave ?

It matches well. We learned to know during the containment, we analyzed all of our points of convergence, and they are many, and since we have decided to make this alliance, our teams work together.

Have you really planned a coalition with Stone Hurmic during the period of confinement ?

I reached out to those who wanted to participate in a joint action for the city, but I quickly understood that he refused. He was not in a logic of the gathering, since even with Philippe Poutou he has not tried to collect. So I did not insisted.

Is this a good news for you, the maintaining of Philippe Poutou in the second round ?

If Philippe Poutou was not qualified for the second round, maybe some of his voters would have voted Stone Hurmic… But in this case it is maintained, and this is not the same electorate between Peter Hurmic and Philippe Poutou : they do not agree on anything !

Is the health crisis puts in question some major theories, such as the goal of the one million inhabitants on the metropolis ?

It is Vincent Feltesse [président PS de la communauté urbaine de Bordaux de 2007 à 2014] who had theorized that, for me, it has never been a goal. I don’t want a race to the number of inhabitants. That said, I prefer a city in population growth as a city in decline. The real issue is to stop the territorial divide between a dynamic metropolis, and of the outlying territories that would be most abandoned. It is in this sense I defend the city polycentric : this is to create multiple centres in the urban area, with employment, trade, services…

Thomas Cazenave attacked during his campaign “the candidates that promise the trams and cable cars everywhere.” He had also criticized your bridge project to the north of Bordeaux. All of this will it be reviewed ?

You will receive the deck on the table after the municipal elections ; it is the jurisdiction of the Bordeaux metropolis. But I think there needs to be a crossing further downstream, this project remains relevant to open up the whole part of Bordeaux north, relieving the bridge of Aquitaine and the beginning of the ring road. After, we will see the financial resources that we can mobilize to do it. The question of finance, risk impact, at least in temporality, some investment projects. The projects of extension of tram lines that have already been appropriated, or the project of redevelopment of the boulevards, and will be, but it will be necessary to look at the scale of time. The boulevards, it is a project that is ten years old.

Another great project that you are defending, but which may ultimately be challenged, it is the ” Street of bordeaux, this great axis trader which will connect the train station to the quays of the Garonne. What is it ?

We are going to review it, but give me the time to discuss this with Euratlantique. However, I maintain that connect the station to the river with this opening, urbanis a good project. It is a project primarily commercial, it will be necessary to rebalance with, perhaps, more than housing, living places, rooms associative…

Nicolas Florian, in his office in the city hall, on June 16, 2020 – Ugo Amez/Sipa for 20 Minutes

If you are elected, will you have to spend a large part of the city in zone 30 ?

The idea of zones 30 is very regulatory, but it is the use that is important. This is achieved by a parking policy, parks drawdown, more than by a regulation. It must also have a policy of parking bicycles more developed. Today, we’ve reached the limits of the headband individually. It is necessary to go to places dedicated parking team of two wheels. The cycling modal share is 15 % in Bordeaux, it would be nice to bring it to 20 %.

What is your project about deliveries in the city centre, which are a great challenge for the mobility and the environment ?

I would like to see buffer zones upstream and downstream of the city, a delivery of the goods by the river, and a distribution in the centre with soft mobility. I will lay my the own vehicle for all deliveries in the city centre.

Among the many urban projects in the course, do you intend to review some ?

There are projects that I have already stopped. On the Jallèreit was I who stopped the urban project of 2,000 homes. I will launch a consultation on this area, but the idea is to ring-fence a space of nature, and create all of the activity, including
the project ïcos recycling of goods and materials, which is in line with our intention to have zero waste by 2026. I want a real pole on the re-use of materials. On the development areas that were already launched, we will work to the pooling of places.

And on the stade Chaban-Delmas, are you going to re-start a redevelopment project ?

No, there will be no redevelopment of the stadium, it has found its place in the city, with a club resident, who is the UBB, and there are sports activities nearby that I want to ring-fence.

Finally, if we return a little back, after the succession to Alain Juppé in 2019, you-you are then immediately projected on the election of 2020 ? Have you had some moments of hesitation ?

It took me to get quickly into the municipal agenda, and I said I wasn’t there to do in the interimhaving inside of me the idea that I had my evidence to make. I am so attached to well manage the city for a year, but never hesitating about my intentions.


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