I Don’t Like Targets Most, Especially Credit!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The distribution of public housing loans (KPR) programmed by several banks in Indonesia has increased compared to last year.

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk or BCA noted that the disbursement of BCA mortgages until August 2021 was quite significant compared to the same period in 2020. In addition to business conditions that have started to move again and the implementation of vaccinations, the government has also provided many stimulus to stimulate the economy through lending. .

However, the President Director of BCA, Jahja Setiaatdmadja said that he did not target for mortgage lending this year. He prefers to give low interest.

“I rarely give targets. I don’t really like targets, let alone credit. Credit must be natural, at least interest is lowered. So we provide enough ammunition and move on our own,” said Jahja Setiaatdmadja during the BCA ONLINEXPO KPR Virtual Press Conference, Wednesday (8/9). /2021).

Deputy President Director of BCA, Suwignyo Budiman also said that currently the distribution of KPR in 2021 is very enthusiastic. Good mortgage request booking just kept increasing.

“Request for a sales mortgage or booking new and high installments from year to year differ from last year’s lowest. In a year we sell a total of IDR 17.8 T. That’s lower than before. In 2021, at the end of August, IDR 20.5 T is already far above new booking a year ago. Hopefully we can match it before the pandemic,” he said.

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