Hyundai refutes speculation about the end of the development of internal combustion engines

Neither the end of hydrogen nor the end of the development of internal combustion engines. The South Korean carmaker has refuted further speculation.

During the holidays, speculation arose around the Hyundai car manufacturer, which significantly contradicted the company’s behavior in recent years. According to one of the speculations, the carmaker allegedly ended the development of hydrogen cars, in which it belongs at the forefront. The second speculation then revolved around the possible termination of the development of internal combustion engines.

However, the South Korean carmaker gradually refuted both reports. It thus intends to continue the development of hydrogen technologies for cars and at the same time will continue to develop internal combustion engines. This was also confirmed for Mach1 colleagues by Machael Stewart, Hyundai Motor America Group Manager.

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Hyundai Motor Group can confirm that it does not stop the development of internal combustion engines, as some media have speculated. The group is committed to offering a strong portfolio of powertrains to global customers, which include a combination of highly efficient motors and emission-free electric motors., ”Quote colleagues from Motor1.

Information about the cessation of the development of internal combustion engines was provided by two South Korean media, which referred to internal sources. In the end, however, it was probably a misunderstanding, as in the case of rumors about stopping the development of hydrogen technology.

After all, it is worth recalling that the carmaker Hyundai has previously mentioned that internal combustion engines will definitely not end there. It should switch to a purely electric vehicle in an emission-obsessed Europe in 2035 at the earliest, and will be the first region to switch to the sale of purely zero-emission vehicles.


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