Husband caught how Alla Pugacheva eats the “wrong” food at dinner

Unlike her husband, who chose steamed dishes, Primadonna preferred a frying pan.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children. Photo:

Maksim Galkin decided to regularly, and not occasionally, maintain his microblog, as many of his colleagues do. The TV presenter showed his morning, then shared what he plans to eat for lunch, and by the evening he fulfilled the dream of many subscribers and showed his wife in the kitchen next to him Alla Pugacheva.

It was over dinner. Galkin boasted that he had the right food at the evening meal. He stressed that he was steaming trout. At that moment, the wife admitted that she had a completely different food on her plate.

“And I have the wrong one – potato pancakes with rice. Carbohydrate!” the prima donna announced.

Galkin did not hide his wife, who was eating her “wrong” food on both cheeks. It turned out that her food was cooked in a pan. But the legend was not embarrassed.

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