Hunger could kill a million Afghan children in winter – UN

A million children could die of hunger in Afghanistan over winter – UN

After the Taliban seized power, Afghanistan faced humanitarian crises, in particular food shortages.

In Afghanistan, 8.7 million people are approaching hunger. About this with reference to the UN analysis informs The New York Times on Sunday, December 12.

After nearly four months of Taliban rule in the country, Afghanistan is facing multiple humanitarian crises, including severe food shortages. Already this winter, a food crisis could kill a million Afghan children.

According to preliminary estimates, 22.8 million people – more than half of the country’s population – will face a potentially life-threatening lack of food.

As the newspaper notes, the crisis was partially triggered by the economic collapse following the Taliban seizure of power, as US sanctions against a group of militants isolated the country and made it difficult to deliver aid to international organizations.

In addition, Afghanistan’s medical system is on the brink: more than $ 600 million in medical care has been frozen after the Taliban invaded Kabul.

At the same time, there are several ways to help. In October, the US issued two licenses allowing the US government and some international organizations such as the UN to work with the Taliban to provide humanitarian assistance.

Recall that World Bank to provide assistance to Afghanistan… The funds will be allocated to Afghanistan due to the critical situation in the country’s economy.

Also, the media reported that Germany will accept 25 thousand refugees from Afghanistan… At the same time, more than 3 thousand will be placed in the Netherlands, more than 2 thousand in France and Spain, and 2 thousand in Sweden.

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