How to connect a PS5 controller to an iPhone?

Playing on your iPhone is a real pleasure, thanks to its power, ensuring fluidity at all times, and the brightness of its screen. But for even more comfort, did you know that it was now possible to pair iPhones and iPads with the incredible DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5? And the best part is that it only takes a few seconds…

Having an iPhone is good. Having a PlayStation 5 is great. And having both is even better. Especially since it is possible on iOS and iPadOS, the operating systems developed by Apple which equip the iPhone and iPad respectively, to recognize the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 on them. An even more pleasant way to play on his portable device, using something other than on-screen touch controls. Another way to play, simply more immersive and comfortable. To do this, simply pair the controller to your iPhone or iPad, using this wonderful function that is Bluetooth.

To start, you must therefore have an iPhone, but also a PlayStation 5. Or at least a PS5 controller. Even if it may seem strange to have the controller without the console, this one is so rare that it would not be impossible, in anticipation. On this subject, the console regularly comes back in stock at SFR, notice to amateurs…

Playing on the iPhone is already a real pleasure, thanks to the well-stocked catalog on the App Store as well as on Apple Arcade, the Apple brand’s subscription service. But that’s not all, streaming game offers can obviously be used, like Netflix, which has started to release games, or even SFR Unlimited Games to enjoy unlimited mobile games without ads. There is therefore plenty of choice, but when playing, the sensations are very different than on console, with the mandatory use of the touch screen. That’s why pairing your iPhone (or iPad) with the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a very practical option, reproducing the same sensations as a home console experience. Here is the tutorial explaining how to do it:

  • On the DualSense controller, simultaneously hold the button Create (top right of the directional arrows) and the ps button (in the center of the controller, between the two joysticks). After a few seconds, the blue LED starts flashing.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to the menu Settingsthen in Bluetooth. In category Other devicesyou will find the DualSense, ready to be fitted.
  • Select DualSense Wireless Controller in category My Devices, and wait for the fitting to take effect. When the operation is complete, the LED on the controller will turn red.

There. It’s as simple as that: the DualSense controller of the Playstation 5 can connect to an iPhone like any other device (AirPods, Apple Watch)…: using Bluetooth! The only small constraint is that the PS5 controller can only be associated with one device at a time, and that you will therefore have to repeat the operation each time you switch back from the console to the iPhone. But hey, all this only takes about ten seconds.

You can now play your mobile games with your PS5 controller. BUT, even better: did you know that it is also possible to play your PlayStation games remotely, on your smartphone? And that, we already told you about it in a previous tutorial…

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