How to Charge iPhone and iPad Faster

iPhone battery life is known to degrade over time, which means you will need to charge your device more frequently. Below are the tricks to charge iPhone or iPad faster.

Tips to Charge iPhone and iPad Faster

Like most smartphone users, you may have felt the frustration of trying to get out of your house as quickly as possible, only to realize that your iPhone isn’t sufficiently charged.

Next time you’re harry, you can use the following tips to charge your iPhone faster.

1. Do not use PC or laptop to charge

Being in a hurry and unable to locate an adapter, you may resort to plugging your device into the USB port of your PC or laptop to charge it.

However, you should be aware that charging an iPhone or iPad using a computer can be up to 60% to 70% slower than using a standard wall charger.

On average, a computer’s USB port can supply up to 500mA of charge and this can drop significantly if the PC is busy performing power-intensive tasks.

In comparison, a regular wall charger can deliver up to 1000mA of power and charge your device in much less time.

2. Turn off iPhone while charging

When the iPhone is turned off, it consumes no power, allowing it to charge in less time, compared to a device that is in use and consuming power.

Go to Settings > General > scroll down and tap Stop. On the next screen, use the slider to turn off your device.

If you can leave your iPhone untouched while charging, you’ll save time and walk out of the house with a fully charged iPhone.

3. Use Low Power Mode

If you’re expecting a call or message and can’t afford to turn off the iPhone, you can manually enable Low Power Mode on your device and plug it in to charge.

Go to Settings > Battery and move the switch next to Low Power Mode to the ON position.

Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

Only the email recovery service will be impacted while your iPhone is placed in low power mode, you will continue to receive calls and messages on your device.

4. Use airplane mode while charging

Open Settings on your iPhone > move the toggle next to Airplane Mode to the ON position and connect your device to a wall charger.

Enable Airplane Mode on iPhone

When iPhone is placed in airplane mode, it is disconnected from cellular, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth networks, allowing it to charge faster.

5. Disable Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth

If you’re expecting a call or message and can’t put your device in airplane mode, you can manually turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other power-consuming services on your device.

Disable Wi-Fi on iPhone

This way, anyone trying to message or call on your device will still be able to reach you over the cellular network.

6. Use your iPad charger

The iPhone normally comes with a charger (5W, 1A), but it may charge faster when plugged into an iPad Pro charger (12W, 2.4A) or iPad Air charger (10 W, 2.1A).

Whenever you are struggling with time, feel free to plug iPhone into iPad charger and it will help you fully charge your device in less time.

Although these USB power adapters are designed for use with your iPad, you can charge all iPhone and iPod models by connecting them with a Lightning to USB cable or a 30 pin to USB cable. – Apple

7. Use a portable iPhone charger

Having a portable charger ready in your pocket or bag can save your life. Portable chargers come in very small sizes and are capable of charging your iPhone 2-6 times on a single charge.

Portable USB chargers are inexpensive; you should be able to pick up a good portable iPhone charger for $20-$40 or less, if on sale.

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