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KOMPAS.comTelkomsel as a state-owned cellular operator announced that it will migrate all service 3G network to 4G LTE network starting in 2022 in stages.

This network upgrade is intended to offer a faster internet experience, stream music or video without buffering, or play games without lag.

“This year, Telkomsel will accelerate the upgrade (increase/transfer) of 3G network services to 4G/LTE,” said President Director of Telkomsel Hendri Mulya Syam in a written statement received by KompasTekno, Saturday (22/1/2022).

The network migration effort carried out by Telkomsel will be carried out in stages on all 3G services throughout Indonesia.

This step will be specifically prioritized for areas that already have 4G/LTE service infrastructure.

In other words, Telkomsel’s 3G signal will begin to be turned off this year, and can no longer be used by Telkomsel customers throughout Indonesia.

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In order to be able to enjoy 4G services, Telkomsel customers are also encouraged to replace SIM their card with SIM card which supports 4G.

How to change SIM Card from 3G to 4G Telkomsel

For this reason, Telkomsel invites customers who are still using 3G services to immediately switch to 4G LTE services.

Users can do several ways to upgrade SIM card non-4G to Telkomsel 4G uSIM, both online and offline.

The good news is that the method of replacing a 2G/3G Telkomsel SIM card to 4G above is free so that users will not be charged anything.

Telkomsel will even provide a 5 GB data package bonus for every customer who has just changed from a 2G/3G SIM to 4G.

Exchange your Telkomsel 4G SIM card from the website

Telkomsel provides an online service to exchange users’ 2G/3G SIM cards into 4G cards. Service This can be accessed by visiting the official Telkomsel website, without the need to come to GraPari.

Here’s how to change a Telkomsel 4G SIM card through the website:

  • Open the official Telkomsel website at the URL
  • Fill in the requested personal data, such as Telkomsel number, full name, address, and e-mail.
  • If the SIM card exchange application process is successful, Telkomsel will send a Telkomsel 4G SIM card to the address specified by the customer.

Change Telkomsel 4G SIM card via GraPari

Telkomsel also provides offline services through GraPari outlets spread across several regions in Indonesia.

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Not only offers customer service, GraPari also allows users to exchange uSIM 4G independently on the MyGrapari machine available there.

To find the nearest Grapari location, you can visit the Telkomsel website at the following link.
Exchange 4G SIM card at Mobile Grapari Telkomsel

Apart from Grapari, Telkomsel also provides Grapari mobile services to get closer to customers.

Slightly different from the GraPari outlets, this service is carried out on Telkomsel’s red car that goes around to reach customers.

One of the services offered at this mobile outlet includes the conversion of 2G/3G SIM cards to uSIM 4G.

Specially marked outlets

The range of services provided by Telkomsel is getting wider with the presence of special marked Telkomsel outlets.

If they come across an outlet with a special sign “Change Your Card to 4G Now”, then the user can apply for a card sim 2G/3G ke 4G.

Telkomsel Distribution Center (TDC)

You can also exchange your 2G/3G Telkomsel card to 4G usim through the Telkomsel Distribution Center (TDC).

TDC itself is Telkomsel’s partner for distribution of credit sales or M-Kios services.

(Source: Author Kevin Rizky Pratama | Editor Reska K. Nistanto)

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