Health how to avoid bites ?

how to avoid bites ?


Since the
the beginning of the month of may, the tiger mosquito is established in the hexagon. Vector
of serious diseases, such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika,
it is a true scourge of the summer. Nevertheless, there are a few
valuable techniques to prevent its proliferation and bites.
The Agency
the regional health (ARS) gives on his site a few tips to protect yourself
this mosquito dangerous. In particular, it is well advised to maintain its
in order to limit its proliferation in our close environment. The ARS
advise you to clear the way, cut the grass, the hedges,
prune the trees
and pick up the organic waste as much as possible.

It should be
also be very careful to do not allow water to stagnatein the
bulky, for example, what might constitute an environment very
favourable to the laying of the tiger mosquito. It is recommended for those who have
swimming pools or water tanks to cover them.
In order to
protect against bites, the ARS recommends simply wear
to turn on the air conditioning
if possible, as the mosquitoes flee from cool places. Please do not hesitate to
use broadcasters insecticides inside and coils
the outside.

The editorial recommends that you

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