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JAKARTA, – Adding floral decorations in a room can make it look more fun.

Apart from the fact that flowers consist of various types and colors, you can also decorate the vase in various styles to make it look attractive.

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Launch Lifestyle Asia, Tuesday (25/1/2022), flower arrangements can also add a positive feel to a room.

If you want to arranging flowers as a home decoration, here are the ways that can be followed.

Choose the right flower

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First, choose a flower that you like, such as real or artificial flowers. If the room you want to decorate gets enough natural light, choose real flowers.

If you have allergies, you should choose artificial flowers. Flowers such as amaryllis, chamomile, sunflower, goldenrod, daisy, and chrysanthemum may cause allergies.

However, flowers like chenille, petunias, roses, salvia, tulips, daffodils, and geraniums probably won’t cause allergies.

Each of these flowers can indeed improve the appearance and atmosphere of the house. Even so, still choose flowers that will not harm the residents.

Choose a flower color according to the season

After selecting the desired flower, you can choose a color according to the season. Examples are yellow, tawny or golden (amber), and red for autumn.

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Meanwhile, for spring and summer, you can choose pastel colors of sky blue, pink, and mint green.

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Cut flowers

Now, it’s time for you to prune the flowers. Prune the leaves that are felt as extra leaves from the stem. Recheck the damaged petals, then remove them. Trim the stems diagonally.

Start flower arrangement

After the flowers are trimmed, you can start arranging the flowers. The easiest way is to add a pinch of greenery such as eucalyptus, ivy, or fern fronds as a base.

When arranging flowers in a vase, choose flowers that will be the focal point carefully. These flowers can have the largest flowers, or have a unique color and texture.

Next, add some supporting flowers around them to fill the space in the vase.

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Prepare a flower vase, water and flower food

For flower vases, make sure they match any type of flower and support the flower arrangement. For example, a tall vase with straight sides is more suitable for holding tulips.

photo" data-photolink="" style=" float: left; padding: 0 20px 20px 0; max-width: 100% ; width:340px ">Granulated sugar can be used to preserve the flowers in the vase longer. PIXABAY/PEZIBEAR Granulated sugar can be used to preserve the flowers in the vase longer.

The wrong container can make flower arrangements fall apart. After the vase has been selected, prepare water and flower food.

The man’s food consists of a mixture of sugar, acid, and bleach. This mixture is meant to make the flowers look fresher and last longer. When ready, put the flowers in a vase.

How to treat a flower arrangement

Water regularly

After the vase is filled with flower arrangements, you just have to place them in the area that has been selected. However, do not forget to be diligent in watering it regularly.

Once the stems are cut diagonally, the flowers will need water to stay hydrated. Do not expose freshly cut stems to air.

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Because, they can make the water-absorbing cells shrink and shorten the life of your flower arrangements. Change the vase water regularly, especially if the water looks cloudy.

You can also add additives such as soda, vodka, aspirin, flower food, apple cider vinegar, and bleach to the water to keep the flowers fresh and healthy.

Diligently trim the stems

In addition to watering regularly, you are also advised to trim the flower stems diagonally every few days to increase water absorption.

Do not forget to remove dead leaves and damaged petals that have fallen into the water. This prevents the leaves and petals from rotting, and reduces the life of the flower arrangement.

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