How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Stories Feature

Currently, through Instagram Stories, users can share anything, including links or links. Previously, only a limited number of users could take advantage of a feature like this, namely those who had more than 10,000 followers or verified followers and accounts. When only certain users could use it, the link could be opened by swipe up or swipe up. Usually, the link provided is an offer of a product or other business interests.

In the middle of this year, Instagram made it possible for all users to provide a link in their Stories. However, the display is slightly different from the previous one, now links can be given in the form of stickers.

Thus, the user does not swipe up, but taps or taps on the sticker containing the link.

Reported Pocket-Link, here’s how to use the link sticker feature on your Instagram Stories:1. Open the latest version of Instagram app on your smartphone2. Select the menu add stories3. Take a photo or video directly, or you can choose from the photo gallery on your phone4. Open the tray icon in Instagram Stories5. Look at the link menu or links and then select6. From there, you will be given the option of inserting or pasting a URL7. You can reposition the link sticker by dragging or resizing it. You can also choose a different color. 8. If you are using an iOS device, tap or tap the Done or Done option. If you are using Android, tap the tick.

That’s an easy way to add a link in the feature Instagram Stories which currently can be used by all users of this social network. Don’t forget to obey the applicable rules, because if it contains false information or elements of hate speech, your access will be canceled.

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