How to activate the autofill of Safari on our iPhone, iPad or Mac to fill in our information automatically

Safari autofill allows us, as the name suggests, to fill in information in Safari without having to write it manually. A very useful feature that we can activate on our iPhone, iPad or Mac to streamline certain procedures and facilitate procedures.

Autofill of name, address, telephone, mail and even forms of payment

Safari autofill can handle a large amount of information. All that information is extracted from our own contact, which we will always save in the Contacts app. Depending on what information we have saved, we can more or less automatically fill in the forms that we find online.

Activate autofill on our iPhone or iPad it is the simplest. The steps to follow are those:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We came in Safari.
  3. We played on Autofill.
  4. We activate Use contact details.

Safari can also store credit or debit card details to make payments. This information is saved directly in Safari and can be used to self-fill payment forms. We can put this option into operation after step four, activating the adjustment of Credit cards.

On the Mac, the settings to activate autofill, they are very similar to the ones we just saw. Specifically, they are the following:

  1. We open the app Safari on our Mac.
  2. On the menu Safari we choose preferences.
  3. We enter the tab Autofill.
  4. We activate Use information from my contacts, Credit cards and Other forms.

That easy. With these options activated, when we find a form browsing the internet, Safari itself will suggest that we fill it out for us. A very comfortable system with which we will save time and, above all, precision in filling in with the assurance that we will not have made any mistakes when entering the information. A simple system that we can activate on all our devices so that Safari takes care of these things for us.

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