How patients would improve the healthcare system

Making prevention a priority, France Assos Santé proposes a tax on harmful products, such as alcohol.

If during the health crisis, we heard a lot from caregivers and public authorities, the voice of patients was less effective … However, they have their say within the framework of a true health democracy, associating patients with health policies . As the presidential election approaches, France Assos Santé, which brings together around a hundred patient associations at the national level and 900 at the regional level, representing 15,000 health users, presented twenty proposals for the future of the health system on Tuesday. .

“Many diseases could decline if we had a real policy of primary prevention, that is to say health education”, declared Gérard Raymond, its president. France Assos Santé thus proposes to set up a preventive consultation at key ages in life. Alongside that, she recommends introducing a “health” tax on harmful products, in order to reduce their consumption. This would include the introduction for alcohol …

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