Health How is the health of the future?

How is the health of the future?


Up to 108,5 years old want to be Swiss men and women are content with 93,4 – published in the first Swiss study on the health of the future. Pleasant to the taste, enriched with visions of the future and experience Health Forecast comes reports “” now in the trade.

Under the impression of the lethal Coronavirus‘ may be self-optimization, put at present, something in the Background. But the survey of over 2,000 people revealed the open-mindedness of the Swiss men and women to Ways for as long as possible, as beautifully as possible and to live as healthy as possible.

Although only just over a third referred to as a health interested, but for prevention it is, however, done a lot: Two-thirds move a lot and eat a healthy diet, about half of give up Smoking, a fifth prohibits the alcohol. 40 percent use an App to support your health.

More than a quarter is open to blood and DNA Tests to determine the optimum nutritional supplements and other tailor-made Fitness measures. Of the 30 to 44-Year-old and a good third of such tools, even met with benevolence.

The next Megatrend: Bio-Transformation

Some surpass even the classic narcissist: A third of young men and a fifth of your age enjoyed inside, Biohacking into consideration. “Biohack yourself! Become the best Version of yourself” calls for the relevant Fitness industry, and offers in addition to the analysis, the improvement of one’s own genome. This includes Gadgets such as Neuro-Feedback devices, or Tools for the Stimulation of brain activities to come.

Especially the young men (18-29) take literally almost everything in purchase to have the not innate and bring out their Best and would allow for Monitoring of your vital functions, a micro-chip implant. For young women only half as many want to go so far. At around snipping let go sooner, especially since only one in ten women in this age group has even nothing to your body.

Almost half of the respondents would let a robot

Generally speaking, the technological progress is welcomed in medicine. 42 percent of respondents would let a robot operate on. 58 percent are in favour of gene therapy in the treatment of cancer, 54 Gene diagnostics for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases and 44 prenatal Screening.

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In genverän-reducing measures there are, however, three-quarters of respondents reject it (or are listening to, so no Bio-Hacker). The breeding of clones as an organ donor – you can’t even find four out of five respondents.

“Health Forecast” know already, pointed continues: As of 1987, with Dennis Quaid in the movie “Innerspace” in the future, patrol Mini-submarines in the human bloodstream. Bone stock of spare parts from the 3D printer, there are already, as a biosensor of Tattoo colors, the beat health risks of Alarm, for example, on the Smartphone. Biodegradable Tampons, which analyze the menstrual blood, are one of the countless Beauty and Fitness Trends, one of which is in the 400-page book is reported.

But what of the health insurance premiums?

Editor of the “Health Forecast” is the health insurance company Sanitas. They have, however, taken apart from the data provided – no impact on the 30 journalists who have written Stories, Essays, lists, Features and Interviews, assured the media responsible René Allemann.

“The healthcare market is changing rapidly with major advances in research, new treatment methods and a completely new understanding of Health of our Insured. We want to share our Knowledge for the health and future of the people,” says Sanitas CEO Dr. Andreas schönenberger to the media documents.

The publication will appear every year new and cost 18 francs. On the issue in 2021 – under the impression of the effects of the corona crisis – one must be curious now.

One of the most burning questions of the population of the health weather report is silent: How to develop the health insurance premiums?


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