Horoscope for Friday, April 9: You will receive a message that will not please you


Venus in Aries offers the opportunity to experience something truly special in the field of love. Everyone who loves adventure gets a chance to fulfill their dreams. Simply expect the opportunity to experience extraordinary moments. And even with the support of mischievous planets!


From the morning you will be thinking about how to please your family on the weekend. But there is no need to constantly plan a lot of activities or buy expensive gifts. It is the greatest joy for your loved ones if you are with them and devote yourself to them. They don’t want anything else from you.


Even though the financial area is just a joy for you now, a little tension and nervousness creeps into it today. You will receive a message that will not please you much. It will be a forgotten notch in the bank or an unpaid invoice. Put everything in order and you will have peace again.


If you are in business, it is time to start looking for holes in the market. Today and in the days to come, you will have a good instinct for this, but this time it pays to consult with experts as well. They will much better assess the competitiveness of your idea and its market potential.

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You are looking forward to the weekend this week. You can’t find common ground with your superior at work, and you’ve set a hectic pace for everything in an effort to handle all the tasks assigned to you. Therefore, you feel mentally and physically tired and you can’t wait to rest.


You can handle any complex intellectual tasks without any problems today. Use it to explain to your children the things they have problems with at school. It is important to remain calm and be patient. Otherwise you can’t do anything with them.


If you do not avoid excessive physical exertion today, expect to be treated all weekend. And isn’t it worth it, do you think? During the day, therefore, avoid anything that would make you tired and beyond your power. It is not laziness, just the necessary prevention.


Today’s watching of travelogues on television will enchant you with a very distant and exotic destination. You decide to find out more details about it and wonder if it is in the offers of travel agencies and how much it costs. Maybe the coronavirus situation will calm down in autumn!

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Your friends mean a lot to you. They will support you when you need to, and you have spent many unforgettable moments together. So get together all together and go somewhere in nature. You will really enjoy it, Friday is perfect for that.


Today, the boss will give a speech at the workplace, leaving a condensed atmosphere. You try to clean it, but you don’t succeed much. Colleagues will not respond too enthusiastically to your encouraging speeches and jokes, so you let it go. And you start thinking about the weekend.


Friday will be a very relaxing day for you. From the morning you will try to entertain the surroundings, joke and laugh. You will bring optimism and a good mood everywhere and that is important. People will be better off going to the weekend and thanks to you even without unnecessary sadness and stress.


You are an excellent employee, so today your boss will turn to you with a request to take over part of the work as a colleague. Think twice before you nod. You are a drag, but your energy resources are not inexhaustible and you cannot work for two people.


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